2017 Registration Information

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This years race falls on: Friday the 4th of August to Monday the 7th of August

August 6th-August 31st-Limited Time EarlyBird registration for a $50 discount per person. (If you are a 2016 volunteer or sponsored by a 2016 volunteer please fill out the volunteer discount box to be refunded an extra $50)
January 8th (10 am MST) - Guaranteed/Discounted Volunteer early registration (if you volunteered in 2016 or are sponsored by a 2016 volunteer and were unable to register during our early bird special, here is your opportunity to register with your $50 discount)
February 22nd (10 am MST) – Soloists (if any space remains)
March 1st (10 am MST)  - Marathoners and Teams (if any space remains)
March 15th (10 am MST)  - Kids
April 1st - Training Camps
June 1st - Team Line-up Changes

Know what you’re in for – read the rules and racer information thoroughly. We realize things happen between now and race day, and in light of that fact, we will be allowing a 70% refund to soloist, marathoners, and teams within 45 days of submitting your registration (and not after May 1st in any case).  Post 45 days from your registration up to race day, soloists/marathoners may elect to pay a fee of $100 to transfer their entry to next year. However, we do not allow solo/marathon substitutions. While teams may not transfer entry to next year or alter the size of their team, as of June 1st they may replace and/or rearrange existing team members starting at a nominal fee of $10 (which will increase as we approach race day). Failure to toe the starting line is a DNF. No exceptions and absolutely no whining. Please take the time to read the registration instructions and get it right. 

• Registration is only available online through PayPal (either through your account or with Visa/Mastercard)
Adult Solo Entry: $350(+gst)/per person.
Marathon Entry: $350(+gst)/per person
Relay Entry: $350 (+gst) per team member which works out to:
            $700 (+gst) per 2 person team
            $1050 (+gst) per 3 person team
            $1400 (+gst) per 4 person team
            $1750 (+gst) per 5 person team
Adult Solo & Relay Lottery Ticket: $10(+gst)/per submission.
Kids Race Entry $35(+gst)/per kid.
Training Camps: $100(+gst)/per person.
All fees in Canadian Dollars. GST is currently 5%.

For the registration of teams in 2017, there are some highlights to be aware of:
1.  Teams will register as a single entity by the Team Captain, who will complete a single registration form and pay on behalf of all team members.  Preview the registration form <click here> so you know what information you will need to register your entire team.
2.  The Death Race Relay Division will only be accepting entries of teams as a whole (one entity).  Team entry fees are as listed above.  Once you have selected the team size that you wish to enter, that cannot subsequently be increased.  Also if you subsequently wish to decrease the number of people on the team, there will be no refund for dropping to a smaller sized team.
3.  Payments will only be accepted, for the full team on-line through PayPal with either your paypal account or with Visa/Mastercard; as the Team Captain, you will need to organize your team and payment.
4.  Refunds of 70% will be allowed within 45 days of registration (but no refunds after May 1st in any case). Soloist entries may be transferred to the next year for a $100 administration fee, but substitutions will not be allowed. Teams may not transfer, but may rearrange and/or replace team members without changing their team size.
5.  Once you have selected a Team Name there will be no changes to the Team Name under any circumstances.
6.  If a racer on you team is unable to participate, Team substitutions will be permitted using the Team Line-Up Change Form (opening June 1st).  Also, if your team leg assignments need to be adjusted, (Leg 1 runner wants to switch with Leg 2 runner etc) you can do so via the Team Line-Up Change Form.  An administration fee will be charged for such changes according to the following schedule:
June 1 to June 30 - $10
July 1 to July 21 - $25
July 22 to Thursday before the Race - $50
Changes on Race Weekend Friday - $100 (we cannot guarantee that this last minute change in the line-up will be accurately reflected in the preliminary results.  Please make your changes as early as you can before the Race, or better yet get organized and  stick with your original line up)
7.  Team changes are entirely the Team’s responsibility.  You must find your own substitution or assign one or more of your runners to do multiple legs if your team falls short.  Such changes must be submitted via the Team Line-Up Change Form, subject to the admin charges listed above.
8.  If you submit a Team Line-Up Change Form, we cannot guarantee that you will get the T-shirt you requested.
9.  It is expected that the Team Captain (or designate) present to the Race Kit Pick Up on Friday before the race, on behalf of the team and pick up the entire Team’s race kits.  Government picture ID (such as a driver’s license) is required to pick up your race kits.
10.  All team members must review the <waiver>. The Team Captain or designate will present to Race Kit Pickup the Friday of the Race Weekend to pick-up on behalf of the team.  (The Race Kit has the timing device, racer bibs (with waiver printed on the back), relay coin, T-shirts and an assortment of goodies).
2017 Registration for Kids, Marathoners, and Soloists is essentially the same as last year.  Registration fees will only be accepted on-line through PayPal (either through your account or with Visa/Mastercard).  Soloists, Marathoners, and Kids are to come to Race Kit Pickup the Friday of the Race Weekend to get The Race Kit (that has the timing device, racer bibs (with waiver printed on the back), relay coin, T-shirts and an assortment of goodies).
We anticipate that the Death Race will fill up quickly after registration opens.  The Kids Race is limited to 250 runners and the Adult Race to 1500 runners.  Have your stuff together so you can be quick at the keyboard.  Let the Race begin!
• UNDER 18?
You must be at least 16 years old on Race Day to participate in the adult Death Race. If you are under 18 at the time of registration, a parent must read and agree to the <waiver>  which will also appear on the back of the racer bib.
Team Captains are the main contact for Race Management and are responsible for ensuring a correct, final line-up.  We will assume the Team Captain speaks for the entire team.
Racers who also volunteer are entered for a chance to win their race fees back and will be eligible for early bird entry into the following year's race. If you are among the first 200 adults Volunteers (18 and over on race day), registering on-line prior to July 1st, you (or your designate) will be GUARANTEED entry as a RACER next year. This is a sweet deal, since, as you know, the race fills up extremely quickly. And if you thought that was great, we'll also throw in a $50 discount off of your team or solo registration next year!  Eligible Volunteers will write their names in the discount code box during registration.  You may choose to use this Discount Code to enter the race yourself (either Solo or as a Team Captain) or you can give (or sell) it to a friend, relative or acquaintance.  Eligibility for this Early Bird bonus is linked to the name with which the volunteer registration is made.  A runner may use several volunteer names/discounts to even register for free if enough people volunteer in his/her name, but each volunteer name can only be used for one runner registration.
Your registration is not complete until your name appears correctly on the RACE ROSTERS. Verify that your entry has been accepted and correctly listed. Each time you visit these pages, be sure to click the REFRESH button on your web browser to make sure you get the latest information.
Top 3 male & top 3 female Ages: 16-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79
RELAY: female, male & mixed teams

Solo Support Service
Running this race solo is hard, running it solo without a support team is even tougher. For a support service for soloists please contact our friends at Mountain Madness Tours (linked to this page) http://www.mountainmadnesstours.com/adventures-and-tours/canadian-death-race-support-and-shuttle

Don't forget to visit our FAQ page.

Thank you for joining us. Train hard and good luck… you’re going to need it! REGISTER NOW! Click the links below to register for The Canadian Death Race!
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