Coin Award and Drop Bag Requests

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All successful finishers that complete The Canadian Death Race under the cut-off time will receive an incredible custom-minted finisher's Coin Award.  These are fantastic awards and come ready to display.
We strongly encourage you to stay for the Monday Awards presentations, as it gives us a chance to meet and congratulate you in person.  Take that extra day off and stay.  There is a lot to see and do in the Grande Cache area, relax and make a vacation of it.  We work around the clock from the end of the race to make sure your award is ready on Monday.  

If you can't attend the Monday Awards presentation and you do not have a delegate specified to pick up your plaque then we can mail you your award.  The cost is $20 for shipping & handling per Award or $40 per Team awards.  Complete Teams can have their awards mailed to one address for $40. Awards will be shipped within 10 days.  Awards left unclaimed will be recycled.  This is also the form to request your ambler loop drop bag if you were unable to pick it up on Monday. Request your coin to be mailed to you using this REQUEST FORM. You have one week after the race to submit this form.