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                               REGISTRATION HELP

Q: I am on a relay team and am injured. I now have to find a substitute, what is the best way to do this?
A: We have created a Facebook group where you can post that you are looking for a substitute, and look for runners who have posted that they are looking to join a team. Go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/290823181053919/?ref=ts&fref=ts

Q: I am interested in renting my house to a racer, or am a racer looking for a house for the weekend.
A: We have a Facebook group designed to facilitate billeting discussion. Please go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/138820776313993/?fref=ts

Q: Am I registered? Did my payment go through?
A: Did you receive a confirmation of registration by email?  If you did, then your registration likely went through successfully. If you can also see your name on the roster you are good to go for race weekend! The rosters are updated within several minutes of registration. If NOT, check your spam box first. Still no receipt? You may have misspelled your email and can email us to correct it.

Q: I want to talk to previous racers about training, and their experience running the race.
A: Join the Death Race community online at https://www.facebook.com/groups/30337205752/?fref=ts

Q: I didn't see a place to enter my team name or leg assignment, where is that?
A: You may not be registered with the right form. Start over with the REGISTER NOW menu item and be sure and click the TEAM form.

Q: What are the cut-off times for each leg of the race?
End of Leg 1: 12 Noon    
End of Leg 2:  5:30 pm (note that if you are this late your chance of making the next cutoff is essentially nil!)
End of Leg 3:  7:15 pm   
Hamel Escape Station, Leg 4: 10:15 pm
End of Leg 4: 4:15 am
River Crossing Leg 5: 6 am
Finish Line: 8 am

Q: Has anyone ever died?
A: No. However, you must realize that people have died in far less extreme races than the Death Race. The intention is not to kill or harm anyone, in fact, safety is very important to us. We do have sprained ankles, loss of toe nails, blisters, and scrapes from people falling. This is the typical type of injury. The Ultra is the hard event, as a Relay or Marathoner the race is still challenging but mostly it is just a good time.

Q: Will my feet get wet??
A: yes Yes YES!

Q: I’m injured, can my friend take my place??
A: Solo/Marathon division substitution strictly prohibited. You must enter the solo division with total commitment. It is your responsibility to train properly and not get injured. However, there is a solo/marathon rollover form under the "register now" tab where you can transfer your entry (up until race weekend) to the following year for a $100 fee.
For teams, substitutions are allowed. Please see the 2017 Registration Information for rules regarding team substitution.

Q: Is the race hard?
A: Kidding, right?

Q: I see there is a discount code field on the registration forms.  How do I get one?!
A: discount codes are given to major sponsors, volunteers from the previous year, and Volunteer Draw Prize Winners.  If want a chance at a 50$ discount code (or more) for next year, then volunteer this year!