Aid Stations

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There are two types of aid stations:

i)   Full aid stations - available to all racers at the end of each leg - with various food (cookies, fruit cups, dried fruit, nuts, trail mix, granola bars, chips, high chews, gels, salt stick etc), water & Gatorade, first aid/medical equipment, wet wipes, sunscreen, and bug spray.  Full aid stations will also serve as the relay exchange and timing zones.  Please respect that these aid stations are equipped for runners currently on course or just finishing their leg and are not for spectators, support crews, or racers not currently racing.

ii)  Emergency aid stations - These stations contain bare essentials and relocated aid station food.  Please remember they are for emergencies, and due to being so remote, are difficult to restock.  Please note that crews are NOT PERMITTED at the Emergency Aid Stations.  Access is reserved for staff and emergency personnel only.  Racers are responsible for their crew's actions and will be penalized or Disqualified for receiving support outside of designated Exchange/Support Station zones. 

Q: Should I carry food with me, or will there be enough food at the aid stations?
Yes and No.
Yes, you should carry food with you.  No, you should not count on there being enough food at the aid stations.

Aid stations are not  "feed stations" or snack bars, but available to aid and support racers on course under a variety of conditions. This is not even close to being a road race - it's an adventure race on remote wilderness trails, so we always advise racers (especially those with special dietary needs), you will want to come prepared.

Q: What kind of food is available at aid stations?
A: We stock aid stations with a variety of pre-packaged foods - dried fruit, fruit cups, gels, saltstick, nuts, protein bars, fruit-to-go, high chews, etc. We stock aid stations like a convenience store - selecting the best "real food" available in individually-wrapped, single serving packages. Due to food safety requirements and permit conditions, we are NOT able to provide fresh fruit, prepared foods (wraps, sandwiches), or hot foods (soup, drinks).   

Q: I'm a soloist without a crew. Can I leave my supplies/gear at the Aid Station before the Race?
A: No. You may not stash gear anywhere along the course (see Race Rules). This is will result in disqualification.  Soloists may leave an Ambler Loop gear bag with us at Friday Registration.

Please note that if you have special dietary requirements,  your crew will be expected to cater to your palate. 
A: Your crew and/or teammates may provide your favorite snacks and hydration at the exchange points: Denard 1/2 exchange, Downtown 2/3 exchange, the 3/4 Hamel exchange, and the 4/5 Sulphur Gates exchange ONLY. Directions will be on the back of your parking pass.