Relay Event Questions

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Q: What if I go down and am unable to complete my relay leg?
A: If a team's Racer does not make it in by the cutoff time, as a courtesy, the next Racer can begin at the cutoff time.  However, the time to do the leg will not be scored and ultimately the Leg 5 Racer will not be able to cross the river (since he will not have the coin).

Q: How hard is it to make the cut-off times?
A: The cut-off times are designed to be challenging but not impossible. Cut off times also serve to decrease the risk of injury or death to racers and volunteers and to keep racers from getting into excessive trouble. Note that the cutoff times are not the pace time – ie if you arrive at the last minute at the end of leg 2 (6:00 pm), you (or the next relay runner) will have to complete leg 3 at record time to complete leg 3 (7:15 pm). Leave nothing to chance, train hard. You must average 5.5km/h for 24 hours . . . a cake walk on flat ground, but add in over 17,000ft elevation, many sections of rough terrain, darkness, unpredictable weather, and 125km distance, and, well . . . you get the idea.

Q: What if I lose my coin?
A: As in the Olympics when the relay baton is dropped, if you lose your coin you (or your team) will be disqualified. You will not be allowed to cross the river if you lose your coin, as the myth goes . . . losing the coin will condemn a soul to wander the banks of the Styx for all eternity. Your special coin will be marked as belonging to you (or your team) alone and it must be presented at the summit of each mountain and at the relay exchange zones, when requested by race marshals. The coin is given to the ferryman on the 5th and final leg and allows safe passage across hell's gates.

Q: RUNNING SCARED: Our leg 5 runner is too scared to run at night. Can our leg 1 runner run with her?
A: No. Rule #16.