Solo Racers

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Q: Can I do it without a crew?
A: Yes, you can do the race without a crew. It will be a little slower but you can get refueled at the aid stations yourself and have equipment dropped off at the critical ambler loop. For soloists without crews an additional bag can be left in the trailer at the start/finish line if discussed with the race info table on Friday.

Q: How do I or my crews get to the aid station/transition zones?
A: ONE parking pass per soloist is included in your race kit for your crew - directions will be on the back.

Ambler Loop Drop Bag
Runners may elect to have a bag of equipment and food items sent to the Ambler Loop Emergency Aid Station, which will be attended by volunteers only. No crews are allowed at this station. If you wish to drop off a small equipment bag (ex. headlamp, rain gear, extra food, and drink), your drop bag must be clearly marked with your race number on the outside. We recommend something durable and waterproof.

All drop bags must be delivered to the Rec Centre during race kit pickup (12-8pm Friday evening) (penalty box at the hockey rink). Bags can be collected Monday at the Awards presentation. Please pick up your bag, we are not responsible for lost or stolen items (which hasn't been a problem in the past, but please don't call us at Christmas about the Rolex you left in the Louis Vuitton gear bag that you didn't pick up). You can also order your bag to be shipped using the 'Award and Drop Bag Requests' form on the right-hand side. After one week we close the form and take them to the dump!