Support Crews & Spectators

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Getting through 125km of extreme racing is an exceptionally difficult task. We highly recommend you bring a support crew (partner, friend(s), family, priest) along to help assist you at the various aid stations (and cheer you on) with dry clothes, extra food, fluid, etc. 

Crews and spectators are allowed at any of the Full Aid Stations. Emergency Aid Stations are for race officials and emergency personal only. Crews must follow the race course marshal's instructions directing them park at aid station sites. Do not park on the highway, you will be fined or towed. Crews may only assist their racers within marked aid station zones (approx. 100m).

The Sulphur Gate (Hell's Gate) road will be open to traffic. Cars may not exceed 30km/hr and must slow down if they encounter foot traffic - please drive politely as the road is dusty. Pets must be kept on leashes at all times. Don’t forget to pack poo bags and take them out with you!

Each team, soloist, and marathoner will receive 1 parking permit in their team race kit for themselves or their crew. If you do not have this clearly displayed in the front window of your vehicle, you will be TURNED AWAY. You will NOT be able to drop off racers in these areas, even if you do not intend to park. 

Directions to each exchange point will be on the back of the parking pass