Training & Gear

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How do I train for the Death Race?
Train hard. Train lots. Train some more, but DO NOT OVERTRAIN. You have a better chance of finishing if you are fit and unbroken at the starting line.

Training Camps
Soloists are strongly urged to attend a Training Camp, where you can experience the entirety of the course over three days with experienced Death Racers and Trainers. The Camps are also suitable for Relay racers training for multiple legs. Connect with other Death Racers and Hopefuls.

The Death Race Trail
The race trail is marked all year-round for training purposes.

How do I connect with other racers?
Connect with the community of Death Racers in our Official Facebook Group. We're Race Hq on Facebook. Lots of information, training tips and trips on the discussion boards - be sure to read through them before starting a new discussion thread. Veteran Death Racers are often generous with their stories and training tips. Twitter and Blogs are also a good source of inspiration.

Athlete, inform thyself!
Over the years, we have compiled and made available a wealth of information, much of it available on the website and in the Race Details Package (available to registered racers). Read it. Read it all. Read it again. There is no such thing as being over-informed. There are many methods and regimens for training and preparation for the Death Race, and every athlete's requirements are different.

The Death Race is more than just a feat of physical endurance.
Many a Death Race has been lost along with the mind.
Do not come unprepared

What kind of shoes do you recommend for Death Racing?
We all have our favourite shoes! We cannot recommend a particular shoe, we do, however, recommend that you get a proper fitting with someone familiar with trail running and extreme terrain.  The Death Race trail is no ordinary x-country trail. It is extreme, mountainous and punishing. Some racers wear different shoes on different legs of the race as well, to better adapt to the terrain.   

The Death Race Gang have their shoes fitted at FastTrax. The owner is the one and only Jack Cook, Death Race Legend, former record holder and multiple winner of the Death Race, and all his staff run with us too.  They are not in your area, but they may be able to help steer you in the right direction. Their website has great information on fitting and lacing too. 

There is always a lively discussion on shoes on our facebook page.  There you can get recommendations from other racers... but really, they don't have your feet, and the wrong shoe can be crippling in a race like this. 

Good luck! You'll need it.