Solo Racers

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Solo division substitution strictly prohibited. However, you may transfer a solo entry for a $100 administration fee to next year's race by following the "REGISTER NOW" link to the "solo/marathon rollover form". In either case of solo or relay, refunds of 70% are only offered within 45 days once entry is accepted (and no refunds after May 1st in any case) – NO EXCEPTIONS. 

ONE parking pass per soloist is included in your race kit for your crew - with directions to aid stations on the back.

Equipment drop off at the Ambler Loop Emergency Aid Station.  Runners may elect to have a small bag of equipment and food items sent to this emergency aid station, which will be attended by volunteers only. If you wish to drop off a small equipment bag (ex. headlamp, rain gear, extra food and drink) at the Ambler loop emergency aid station, your drop bag must be clearly marked with your race number on the outside. We recommend something durable and waterproof, at least as strong as double bagged plastic, with race number printed in waterproof black marker on large white tape. We will provide bags for runners that do not have one but decide to leave a drop bag. All drop bags must be delivered to the drop off at race registration by 8pm Friday evening (penalty box at the hockey rink). Bags can be collected Monday at the Awards presentation. Please, Please, Please, ooooh pretty PPPPPlease! Pick up your bag! After one week we take them to the dump! Has anyone ever opened up a water bottle with energy drink in it after a month – it’s quite the science experiment. Please pick up your bag.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen items (which hasn't been a past problem but please don't put your super expensive diamond studded Rolex flashlight in your Louis Vuitton hand bag and cry about it cause something is missing!).

If you can't pick up your award or drop bag at the Monday Awards Ceremony, please be sure to complete the Award/Ambler Bag Shipping Request form which will be found on the right-hand list of tabs.

Solo Support Service:

Running this race solo is hard; running it solo without a support team is even tougher. Finding it hard to find a support crew? Please contact our friends at Mountain Madness Tours to find out more information about their Solo Racer support service.