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Where to meet:

  • For jobs on Adult Race Day, please report to Command Central (upstairs beside the big bay doors to the rink in the lower rec center parking lot) prior to the start of your shift, to check in and meet up with other members of your station.
  • For the Kids Race, please meet at the Start/Finish Line.

Important notes:

  • If a Racer drops out, take their Coin and Timing Stick and physically take the racer to the nearest Aid Station or Command Central - advise Command Central ASAP of their Race Number. The Coin and Timing Stick are to be turned over to the Aid Station Volunteer, and the Racer is to be given a timing stick return slip (in the aid station box).
  • When your station closes, please see that all supplies, pylons, signs etc are collected and returned to Command Central.
  • If you are unable to make it to your job assignment or the volunteer meeting email: raceinfo@canadiandeathrace.com or call: 780-827-8482
  • If you have any feedback please email: raceinfo@canadiandeathrace.com
  • Thanks for your support in making this race a reality & have fun :)

Volunteer Maps
Reference your Job Description for your required maps. Click on the Map Number below to view. If using Internet Explorer, right mouse click and then save the map to your computer for optimal viewing and printing.

000 Global Course Map
Google Earth Global Course Map
Excel Spreadsheet of Station Locations
100 Race Start
101 Shand and Hoppe (Race Start in more detail)
109 Horse Barns South
110 Grande Cache Lake Road West
111 Grande Cache Lake Road East
112 Peavine Camp
200 Denard Railyard
204 Flood/Washy Rescue Trail Intersection
205 -
206 Flood/Grande Crosstrail Intersection
207 Flood Summit
219 Grande Access Road Intersection
221 Grande Summit
226 Hwy 40 and Shand
300 Start/Finish Line
304 Hwy 40 and toboggan hill
315 Mine Bridge
316 Mine and Hwy 40
400 Hamel Base
401 Hamel Ascent
406 Hamel Access Road Intersection
410 Hamel North Face
416 Hamel Summit
423 Beaverdam Ambler Intersection
436 Beaverdam Road at Hwy 40
500 Sulphur Gates Road at Hwy 40
501 Leg 5 West
512 Smoky River 518 Devil's Point
Smoky Lookout
Leg 5 East
519 Fireman's Pit 600 Start/Finish Line
700 4WD Access to the North Side of Hamel
801 Timing Chutes 200 500
802 Timing Chutes 300 600
803 Timing Chute 400
804 Timing Checkpoints
805 Timing Chute 423
K00 Kids Death Race
KidsDeathRace Google Earth

Volunteer Expense Reimbursement
Thanks so much for your help!
Within a week of the race, please submit your expenses (over $10) by email to:

  • Please attach a scanned image (or photo) of the receipt.
  • Please clear any major expenses in advance with Anita (raceinfo@canadiandeathrace.com)
  • Please make your submission in the following format:

Mailing Address: