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Volunteer Registration Will Be Open Soon!

Please Read Below
-visit the 'volunteer resources' tab for info on where to go race day
-visit the 'rosters' tab to see your volunteer job assignments

You can still volunteer if you attend our volunteer meeting Friday of Race Weekend at 5 pm at the Curling Rink in the Recreation Centre. Please email us at raceinfo@canadiandeathrace.com if you cannot attend.

We love our Volunteers!
It is the people behind the scenes that make a race great. As you can well imagine it takes a small army of volunteers to safely stage an event of this magnitude. We recruit approximately 250 reliable and motivated individuals for the Canadian Death Race to handle a variety of functions. Although volunteering can be challenging and exhausting in some cases, the rewards for the adventurous at heart are immense, leaving one with lasting memories. Some say that the only thing harder than competing in the Death Race is volunteering for the Death Race. So right they are! The race is epic and so is the challenge for the people behind the scenes. We have job assignments spanning Friday to Monday so not only can your friends and family volunteer but so can racers: pre-race, post-race, and while waiting for your leg if on a team.

If you have a partner, family or friend not racing, they can help us out with various tasks anytime between Saturday morning and Sunday morning in approximately 4 to 8-hour shifts. Volunteers get an ultra-cool special Canadian Death Race T-shirt, A Canadian Death Race tote bag full of goodies, a free meal ticket to some local restaurants that you can cash in anytime during the weekend, a volunteer appreciation banquet with free food and prizes, and many, many smiles for helping at least 4 hours. Helping out with the race is actually lots of fun.

Volunteer Recruitment Incentives!

As a token of appreciation to our Volunteers, we are offering three incentives to adults (18 and over on race day) who Volunteer with us for at least 4 hours during the adult race:

1. If you are among the first 200 adults Volunteers (18 and over on race day), registering online prior to July 1st for a 4+ hour shift, you (or your designate) will be GUARANTEED entry as a racer next year. And if you thought that was great, we'll also throw in a $50 discount off of your team, marathon, or solo registration!   You may choose to use this Discount Code to enter the race yourself (in any category) or you can give (or sell) it to a friend, relative, or acquaintance.  Eligibility for this Early Bird bonus is linked to the name with which the volunteer registration is made. Put that name (or names) in the discount box when you register to be refunded the appropriate amount. A runner may use several volunteer names/discounts to even register for free if enough people volunteer in his/her name, but each volunteer name can only be used for one runner registration.

2. If you are a Racer and Volunteer this year as well (registering online before July 1st), your name will be entered into a draw, announced at the Awards Ceremony for one FREE, transferable Racer entry for next year.

3. All Volunteers (registering online before July 1st), will also be entered into a draw, announced at the Volunteers' Banquet the month after the race for a FREE, transferable Racer entry for next year.

Special Skills
To Volunteer, all you need is a great attitude and willingness to help!  On our registration form, we inquire about special skills and interests you have so that we can match you to an ideal job.  We really do have something for everyone. 

Volunteer Meeting - 5 pm Friday the day before the race in the                           recreation center curling rink

This meeting is mandatory for all volunteers.  This is where you check in, receive your volunteer assignment and any special equipment required.  Details about the location of the meeting are sent to registered volunteers by email pre-race.  If you are unable to attend, please send a delegate or make alternative arrangements with us via email to get your volunteer information and appreciation package.

                        Volunteer Appreciation Banquet
There is a Volunteer Appreciation Banquet held August 6th (Monday afternoon of the August long weekend) at 2 pm at the Recreation Center Curling Rink Lounge. Give us a chance to say thanks with lots of great (and FREE) food, fun, and prizes. 

Volunteering positions fall into 10 broad categories as follows:
1) Registration & Check-in - duties include: giving out racer's kits and providing race information. Approx time from noon until 9 pm on the Friday prior to the race.

2) Start Ceremony/ Festival Downtown area - Various jobs helping organize the starting of the Death Race and helping in the Grande Cache Downtown area with the Festival of Adventure - including security, crowd control, cleanup, etc. Approximate time from Friday morning 7am until Monday at 6pm

3) Timing & Number Crew - Timers and number takers are at the finish line, aid stations and at various points on the trail system to ensure racers receive a time for the various legs of the race and so they do not take short cuts. Timers also register relay teams in and out of the Aid stations, verify the relay baton/coin is passed from runner to runner, and verify that soloists have their coin with them at each checkpoint. Approximate time from Saturday at 7am to Sunday at 9:30am, and Sunday at 1pm to 4pm for the Kids Run.

4) Emergency Medical Services - Members of Grande Cache EMS provide medical attention to racers that have injured themselves and are in need of medical aid. People with first-aid experience or medical background (nurse, doctor, etc) are preferred but not necessary. Only Search & Rescue and EMS personnel can make a determination if a racer must drop out of the race due to injury. Approximate time from Saturday at 7am to Sunday at 9:30am, and Sunday at 1pm to 4pm for the Kids Run.

5) Marshaling crew - Marshal jobs are to make sure racers go the right way. Marshals get to wear bright orange reflective vests, use giant full arm jesters to indicate the way, cheer racers on, give racers verbal direction when required and are important sources of information for racers (what kilometer they are at, how far to the next aid station, etc). Quads, 4x4 vehicles and, in some cases, good hiking skills are required for Marshals to get to remote locations. Approximate time from Saturday at 7am to Sunday at 9:30am, and Sunday at 1pm to 4pm for the Kids Run.

6) Sweep Crew - The sweep crew follows the last racer and closes the race course, taking down RACE signage, picking up pylons, and making sure the last person is okay. In most cases, a quad is required for this job to carry the pylons and signage to the next aid station. The sweep person has a radio and reports any racers that are found injured, etc. Approximate time from Saturday at 7am to Sunday at 9:30am.

7) Aid Station Crew - Help organize aid stations, all food and equipment provided. Bring a Chair. Crew members hand out water and Gatorade and food to racers. Help racers with gear and filling water bottles, etc. Approximate times will vary depending on the aid station but generally speaking from Saturday at 7am to Sunday at 9:30am for the run.

8) Media Crew - the media crew helps coordinate aspects of the media, getting the media in Quads and 4x4 vehicles to interesting locations to film and photograph racers. Several TV, newspaper and magazine crews will be here. Volunteers must have knowledge of the race course and area to complete this function as well as good interpersonal and communication skills.

9) Rapid response team - on race day there is always a series of unforeseen problems that arise that require rapid intervention (an aid station requires more water, a radio in the field stops working, a racer gets hurt, timing equipment malfunctions, all of which requires quick intervention.

10) Command Central/Communications – command central is the hub of Death Race Operations. We need phone operators, people with computer skills to compile results, and basically spare bodies to provide assistance when necessary. This is a busy place and very exciting to watch the race unfold behind the scenes.

**We ask that people that volunteer for the race please show up for your shift as scheduled. If you are unable to attend the shift, for any reason, please notify us so we are not left scrambling at the last minute. Saying you will show up and then not showing up for your shift has really left us in some bad spots in the past, so please let us know if you cannot attend. Death Race Central: 780 827 8482 **

Remember this is the Death Race, and we encourage a Halloween style/Mardi Gras atmosphere on race weekend. For anyone out in the field, we strongly encourage all volunteers to dress up and play the part - costumes, masks, face paint, and noise makers all add to the extra special nature of the Canadian Death Race – have fun with it, but please make sure your costume is functional.